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Monday, November 7, 2011

Wiped Out

These pictures are from a week or so ago when the babies got on this kick of waking up late (late being 7:30 AM) and then taking long naps during the day, consequently pushing their last feeding to around 8 PM, meaning we didn't actually get them bathed and in bed until around 9 PM.  The effect was that by the end of the evening, they could barely keep their eyes open for their last feeding. 

Oddly enough, Daylight Savings Time fixed this problematic late trend for us.  Since we have "fallen back" an hour we had the babies in bed by 8 PM tonight.  I think that the reason they were sleeping later in the mornings was that before we "fell back" an hour, it was still dark outside even at 7 AM.  Very similar to the effect overcast or rainy days seem to have on longer daytime naps. 

In any event, I actually posted this picture not to talk about baby sleeping schedules or Daylight Savings Time, but because it is the perfect visual representation of my own current state.  I am tired, and not just sleepy tired, but I am completely mind and body tired.  Poor Chad came home from work with a million different ideas and questions and I haven't been able to effectively answer him at all because I just keep drawing a blank.  My body is sore all over from lifting furniture over the weekend (who decides they can "boost" a recliner up an attic ladder by themselves?  WE DO.).  I think this is one of those Weekend Warrior type problems, it has nothing to do with the babies making me tired.  That kind of tired I accept as status quo, as part of the normal course of business when raising young children.  This is exceptionally tired. 

Normally I would have settled into my recliner and happily watched The Real Housewives of Wherever until time for bed, but I have made a commitment to blog every day in the month of November for NaBloPoMo and I intend to keep it.  So for today, this is all she wrote.  Goodnight everyone!

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