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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Brunch!

Today we had a very fun day out with the babies.  Chad's coworker and friend Monica invited us out to brunch at this very neat restaurant called Tiny Boxwoods.  It was an indoor/outdoor cafe that also had a garden/nursery attached to it.  They had delicious orange juice and cinnamon rolls, yum!

The interesting thing was that I don't think this is the type of place that sees very many babies, in fact, they had a total of TWO highchairs for the whole place, and of course we needed both of them.  I think some of the other diners were surprised we would bring our babies there, but in all fairness it was morning, not the more formal evening time and also our babies were extremely quiet and well behaved.  I also made sure to pick up any baby puffs we left on the floor. I was very proud of how the babies conducted themselves.  I do believe that there are places that are not appropriate to bring babies (movie theaters, concerts, formal dining places especially at night, etc).  I also believe that you can't let having children limit you from going most places and that babies benefit from a range of different experiences.  In any event, we had a great time at brunch with our friends and I think no one's dining experience was compromised by the presence of our little ones.

Today it was legitimately cold outside (in the 50s probably?) and we did have to wait outside for a table for a brief time, less than five minutes.  The babies were dressed fairly warmly, but I found myself wishing they had hats on.  So after brunch we went and bought them hats at Old Navy.  I know I am biased, but I think they sure did look cute in them!

Here are some pictures from our day:

Ready to go to Brunch!

Chloe says hi at Brunch!

In our stroller at Old Navy!

Poor buddy conked out while we were in Target!

New hats!

Chloe likes her new hat!

Brady didn't like his hat as much, but Daddy got him to laugh!

That is all for today!  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! 


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