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Monday, November 21, 2011

Something New Every Day!

Today was a pretty normal day, just our regular routine of eating, playing, and naps.  The funny thing is, even on a regular day exciting new things can happen! 

On the food front, for our two breakfast meals we had blueberry yogurt with whole grains, scrambled egg yolks with cheese, and avocado mixed with banana in addition to two servings of formula.  At lunchtime we had some whole grain pasta pick ups, baked sweet potato puree with cinnamon and real butter, and formula.  Around late afternoon we had formula and apple blueberry puree.  At our last feeding of the day we had formula and vanilla banana custard.  I would say it was a great day of eating quite a variety of foods.  Making some of the food for the babies is messier and takes a bit longer, but I think there will be several benefits for the babies including helping them to ease into the transition of eating more table foods. 

While holding Brady upside down and tickling him I discovered that he has another two top teeth coming in on either side of the front middle ones!  So once they break through he will have six teeth!  For some reason he has a habit of always getting two teeth at a time.  Sheesh! 

The babies have also recently graduated from using their inflatable ducky tub to taking a bath without an infant tub like big kids!  They had the best time splashing around tonight!

Well, that is all for today.  I will leave you with a few pictures:

Brady's attempt to get Sabrina!

Splish Splash! 

Goodnight everyone!

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