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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brady Monster!

One of our pet names for this little boy is "Brady Monster".  He is a rambunctious little guy who is into crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything.  How perfect that Meepie sent him these 12 month pajamas with these super cute little monsters all over!  Yes, I said 12 month pajamas.  He may not be chunky, but he sure is tall (complete mystery to us where he gets that from, maybe my Dad?)! 

Brady monster had another first tonight.  After we put the babies to bed, we heard a noise over the monitor and checked on the video, only to find that he was standing up completely in his crib!  I tried to run upstairs and snap pictures (yes I am that crazy Mom) but it was dark and Chloe was asleep so it didn't work very well.  It is a good thing we lowered his crib a few weeks ago once he learned to sit up in his crib, although I think we could stand to put it on the lowest setting now.  I laid him back down and gave him his blanket and paci and he was out like a light. 

Brady monster, we love you!  Meepie, thank you for the adorable monster pjs!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the pj's!
    ...and genetics are weird. My sister's baby was born in August and is in 12-18 mo clothes already...nobody in either family is terribly tall or's a mystery! ;)


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