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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Craft Project---Name Canvases & Other Nursery Progress

This weekend I have been busy working on a project for the nursery, I wanted to see if I could make Name canvases to put above the cribs. I have seen a lot of different examples and designs and so I decided to give it a try. Chad was skeptical and to be honest, so was I. After a trip to Michaels and most of the weekend afternoons working on them, here is the end result:

This is Chloe's up close.

And Chloe's above her crib.

This is Brady's up close.

And Brady's above his crib.

In other nursery progress, we received the second curtain panel for the window:

We also received as a gift from Chad's mom Kathy the rug that matches the bedding:

I think it looks so cute in the room! Thank you Kathy! We love the rug!

We are so lucky to have such wonderful families that love our babies so much already! Kathy and my mom Lisa also sent the babies their carseats and we are so thankful!

Things are going well with me and the babies, they are growing at the proper rate and I seem to be growing more and more everyday too! I can feel them kick every day now and sometimes they wake me up in the middle of the night with their kicking! I love these little reminders of the precious lives I am so blessed to be carrying right now.

That is all for now, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zing Zang Zoom...Progress for the Ringley Circus!

Sorry we have been out of touch in blog land. Lots has happenned since September. We had our anatomy scan on 11 October and we were thrilled to find out we are having a Boy and a Girl! Both babies are doing great. Jessie will be 23 weeks on Wednesday and we have a follow-up appointment tomorrow that includes finishing up some items on the anatomy scan.

We have made big progress on the baby preparations and the nursery, here's what we've done....

--Traded in Chad's truck for a family sedan...a 2011 Ford Fusion!

--Ordered and put on our crib bedding and started the decorating process!

--Put up a new curtain rod for our matching window panel and realized we need a second one.

--Received several boxes of clothes from family and friends, and cleaned and organized the closet. We are so lucky to have such generous friends and family!

--Received our back-ordered changing table (thanks to Dustin for helping me get it up the stairs!) and assembled and installed the hutch.

So as you can see, we've gotten pretty far with our preparations. All of the nursery furniture is in and ready now. We'll be accumulating baby supplies and finishing decorating over the next few months.

We'll be revealing our names after we receive a second confirmation on the babies sexes at tomorrow's ultrasound!!!

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