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Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Made My First Pie and Chloe Clapped!

Ha ha, well, I did make my first pie and Chloe did clap today, but sadly she wasn't applauding my new-found pie-making skills (yet, at least).  I think my pie turned out pretty well, it LOOKS good, but I'll have to wait until Chad and his coworkers try it at their Thanksgiving pot luck tomorrow to determine whether or not it tastes good.  All parts of it were homemade with the exception of the crust.  By the way, making meringue is not easy!  I have been reassured by several excellent bakers and friends of mine on Facebook that it will keep just fine in the refrigerator until tomorrow.

My First Ever Pie!  Chocolate Meringue

The only thing is that I wish the meringue would have turned out a little fluffier/higher, but I'll take it! 

As I said yesterday, Chloe started clapping for the first time while we had some friends over last night, and that I would try to get a video of her doing this today.  I was able to get a quick video of her clapping, so here it is:

Chloe Clapping!

That is all for today, I will hopefully report back tomorrow about whether or not the pie was any good!


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