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Friday, November 18, 2011

9 Month Dr. Appointment!

This morning the babies had their 9 month well check appointment with their pediatrician.  They did excellent, and today they only had to have 1 shot (Part II of the flu shot they received in October).  Their next well check appointment is just after their First birthday!  How on Earth did my babies get to be so grown?  We have a lot of exciting times ahead and a lot to look forward to, but I can't believe my tiny babies are getting so big now!  Here are their stats from today:

Chloe Renee Ringley

Height: 28 1/2 inches (80th percentile)
Weight: 16 lbs 14 ounces (17th percentile)

At 9 months old, Chloe is an amazing little girl!  She is very talkative and very social.  She is generally very happy and adapts to whatever situation she is in with ease.  She loves to play with her toys and is very interested in figuring out how things work and what causes things to move or make sounds.  She has three bottom teeth.  Her hair is growing very long and she has beautiful long eyelashes.  She knows to smile for the camera/iphone and is a real ham about it.  She will also reach out to the camera/iphone as if she is reaching for a person.  She is an excellent eater and sleeper, including naps and nighttime.  Her favorite food is bananas by far.  In general, Chloe is just a joyful little baby girl! 

Brady Matthew Ringley

Height: 30 1/2 inches (97th percentile)
Weight:  18 lbs (12th percentile)

At 9 months old, Brady is a wonderful little boy!  Right now, Brady just wants to move, move, move.  He wants to pull up/stand up as much as possible.  He is crawling everywhere, and one of his favorite things to do is scoot around the floor pushing along a toy.  He is more reserved in terms of talking or social activity, but is very loving and you can always get lots of giggles out of him by holding him upside down and tickling him.  He has 4 teeth, two bottom and two top teeth.  His favorite food is really anything.  He is good about eating any pureed food we give him, even vegetables!  Like his sister, he is also a great sleeper, for naps and nighttime.  Brady has a very brave and adventurous spirit and is not afraid to try anything! 

The only thing the doctor said we needed to work on was getting them to gain some more weight.  They are good eaters and eat until they are full 5 times a day, but they still need to put on some more weight.  One thing the doctor suggested is avocados.  Avocados are full of the good kind of fat (I know, I didn't know there was a good kind either!) and so they are a great food for babies.  I found some interesting recipes online, including one where you mix it with banana that I am excited to try.  The doctor also said to bake a sweet potato and mix in real butter for them!  I am looking forward to trying out these new food options for the babies. 

I will leave you with a few more pictures.  It was actually a little "cold" here today, so of course we had to dress in our cold weather clothes while we have the opportunity.  Brady's flannel onesie is Osh Kosh and is from his Meepie, thanks Meepie!

Happy Friday everyone! 


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