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Saturday, November 26, 2011

100th Post!

Today marks the 100th post for the Ringley Family Circus!  Since I've been blogging every day during the month of November for National Blog Posting Month I reached 100 posts a lot faster than I otherwise would have.  Posting every day this month has been an interesting undertaking, and there were certainly some nights where it was right down to the wire.  I've learned a few things from this experience, but that is for another day and another blog post. 

It was another low key day in our household since it was rainy and "cold" outside.  I took a chance and called my hairdresser to see if she had an open appointment today, and I guess the holiday weekend and terrible weather was working in my favor since she did have an opening!  I was thrilled to get a chance to go out and get my hair highlighted and trimmed.  I am very lucky that Chad was happy to watch the babies for me so I could go out and get my hair done.  It was one of the rare days that I had makeup on and my hair wasn't just pulled back in a pony tail!  I enjoyed my time talking with the ladies at the salon, but of course I also had to show off my pictures and videos of the babies from my phone. 

Speaking of pictures, I think I only took one picture of the babies today!  I looked through my older pictures and found a couple from a few weeks ago I never posted so I will leave you with those for today. 

Have a great night everyone!


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