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Friday, November 25, 2011

Fun Friday!

Today we enjoyed a fun day at home.  We didn't go out and participate in any of the Black Friday madness.  With two babies and a giant double stroller it is difficult enough to navigate stores and go shopping on a regular day, much less a crazy holiday shopping day like today. 

Instead we ate delicious leftovers and got our Christmas tree and ornaments down from the attic.  I was nervous about putting up the tree with the babies around, particularly how Brady would react to it since he is crawling and pulling up on everything.  I decided to only put up ornaments that were either fabric, wood, and some porcelain but I made sure to put those on the higher branches.  No glass ornaments this year and nothing with hooks.  We only decorated the front top 2/3 of the tree, but at least it is festive and I still feel relatively safe with it around the babies.  I was surprised that Brady only stopped to tug at a bottom branch once or twice and then he scooted after something else.  Apparently his short attention span is working in our favor!  I imagine as time goes by and it becomes more familiar it will receive less and less attention. 

Chloe had a big day today, she started to push up and rock as if she wants to crawl.  She was also quite the roller and scooter today.  While I was decorating the tree she scooted herself all the way under it!  She liked it for a few minutes and then cried for Chad to get her out.  I am excited for her and I bet she will be more mobile very soon. 

In the afternoon we all went out for a walk around the neighborhood.  We stopped by a really neat new frozen yogurt place we'd never been to before.  You picked out the size cup you wanted, then there were self serve soft serve machines with tons of flavors, and then an area where you put on your own toppings.  You just paid for the size you selected at the end.  It was a bright and fun place and very kid friendly.  There was even a neat wall-size chalkboard kids could doodle on.  Chad and I shared a cup, his half was cake batter with a Reese's topping, my half was chocolate with Sour Patch Kids!  Both flavors were delicious!  Since we shared a cup I think it was only $4! 

Here are some pictures from today:

Chloe helping me with the tree!

Bright mural!

Fun Chalkboard for the kids to doodle on!

Our delicious yogurt!  Cake batter with Reese's and Chocolate with Sour Patch Kids!

Brady and Chloe weren't sure...I bet they will love this place when they are older!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving break!  


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