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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fun Afternoon with Friends

Today our friends Patrick and Amy invited us over for a delicious dinner and a fun afternoon of letting our kids play together and watching a little football.  It was gorgeous weather outside so most us (except Brady) also enjoyed being in the backyard for quite a while.

One funny coincidence was how the girls were dressed.  Chad's Mom (Meepie) sent the babies a care package full of cute clothes and one outfit happened to be a pair of OshKosh overalls and a pink onesie for Chloe.  I thought it was so cute I decided to dress Chloe in it before we left for our visit.  When we got to our friend's house, their daughter Amelia was wearing a pink shirt and OshKosh overalls too!  It was the cutest thing!  It looked like we had planned it that way for a photo shoot.  So of course we did have to snap some pictures!  

Poor Brady is in the middle of cutting his top two front teeth and isn't feeling great, so he was more fussy than usual.  He especially did not like the grass and did not want to sit in the grass by himself.  After some infant tylenol and some baby orajel he was playing happily at home before bed and is peacefully sleeping now.  I hope his teeth don't bother him during the night.  I am looking forward to when they completely come through so he will feel better. 

Here are some pictures from our evening, some of them were taken with my iphone 4S and some were taken by Amy with her DSLR (thank you Amy for sharing!). 

The girls (Amelia & Chloe) in their similar outfits! 

All three kids in the backyard (Brady, Amelia, and Chloe)

Brown joined in the fun too!

Chloe loved the grass!

Brady hated it!

He did practice standing with Daddy for a little bit

Neat picture of Chloe that Amy took and made black and white

Blue jean baby...

Patrick took this family picture for us with my phone, and we're all looking the same direction, yay!

It was a lot of fun to catch up with our friends today.  Thank you Amy, Patrick, Amelia, and Brown for having us over! 

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  1. Your kids aren't even a year old and you got a picture where your whole family is looking in the same direction? Epic Win! =)


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