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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ohhhh...Halfway Thereeeee!

So I have officially made it halfway through NaBloPoMo!  Whew!  This is definitely more difficult than I imagined it would be.  I have a feeling I will be taking at least a week long blog break at the beginning of December once NaBloPoMo is over.  I don't think I mentioned this on the blog before, but I actually won one of the daily prizes for NaBloPoMo!  I was shocked but very excited!  So thank you to BlogHer for the prize, I look forward to reading the books I won. 

It seems that I am down to the wire again tonight...too much to accomplish in a day and not enough hours, but I will leave you with a few pictures. 

Brady's new greeting

He reminds me a lot of the character Schroeder from Peanuts, always plunking away at the toy piano, also, isn't he so long/tall???

Chloe is wearing what is called a bitty bow, my friend Amy told me about them and gave us this one.  They are designed to stay put even with just a little hair.  They are awesome!  I liked this one so much I ordered more.   

That is all for today, folks!  Have a good night!


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