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Monday, November 14, 2011

A Truck

Over the weekend I bought Brady his first toy truck.  Recently he's shown an interest in scooting around the floor and pushing around this caterpillar we have that has wheels.  I was very excited to see how he would like an actual truck.  To be fair, I bought Chloe her first gender-specific toy as well, it is a little pink and purple picnic basket that has blocks with different holes in the basket to sort and place the different blocks in. 

While Brady and Chloe both seem only semi-interested in the picnic basket (although the blocks that came with it are a big hit!), the truck is actually very popular.  The funny thing is that Chloe is a lot more interested in it than Brady so far.

Here is a video of Miss Chloe with the truck:

She was having a great time!

Well folks, that is all for today as it is super super late and I am very tired!  Time for bed!  Have a good night!


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