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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Messy Boys!

 If there is one thing I know about boys of all ages, they like to have fun getting messy!  Both of my guys had fun being messy yesterday. 

Chad rented a pressure washer yesterday from Home Depot to get the outside of the house spruced up for our Open House today.  I think it is the one outdoor chore that is fun to do in late summer in Texas!   

The house and the sidewalks got clean but Chad got drenched with water and dirt! 

Meanwhile, inside the house his son was enjoying a messy dinner of Squash.  We are doing really great with solids now and have tried (and liked) every food recommended for supported sitters with the exception of carrots and prunes. 

Here is our messy boy enjoying his Squash:

So as you can see a messy and fun time was had by both of my boys yesterday! 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Friday!

So far we've had a great Friday full of surprises! 

The first surprise was that it actually RAINED here!  We have had a terribly dry summer and it has been especially difficult because we recently resodded the yard, so we have had to water like crazy!  Needless to say, this was a most welcome sight:

Since it was so rainy, the babies took a longer than usual morning nap, and I went in to check on them and found them both sleeping on their tummies with their butts in the air!  So cute!  This is pretty unusual since Brady is the tummy sleeper and Chloe typically sleeps on her back.  Here they are:

Chloe snoozing away:

Brady sleeping soundly too:

While the babies were sleeping, Chad called me to see if we all wanted to meet him and some coworkers and friends for lunch so we decided to go! 

We went to Freebirds, which is a Burrito place and typically you wait in line to order at the counter like at a Moe's or Jason's Deli (for those of you who don't have Freebirds).  It was time for the babies to eat their lunch too so one of us was going to have to wait in line and order and the other person was going to feed both babies.  The people at Freebirds saw this and offered to let us order our food from our table so that we were both able to stay seated and feed the babies!  They were awesome and so accomodating and we really appreciated how family friendly they were, huge thanks to them! 

Chloe wore a new outfit with a matching headband from her Meepie today and looked super cute! 

Brady wore his plaid jumper from Grandma Lisa that I posted a picture of last Friday. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Wish us luck, we are having an Open House on Sunday!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lunch Date with Important "Clients"

Now that I stay home with the babies, I often get so focused on their eating and napping schedules that the day goes by and I forget to eat lunch and sometimes breakfast too. 

I know I should try to eat during their naps but I often get sidetracked with laundry or cleaning.

Today I actually remembered to eat lunch and I was able to put the babies in their bumbos on the counter and pull up a chair and face them.  They had a lot of fun watching me eat because they are at a stage now where everything that happens is interesting for them to observe.

Here we are at our "lunch date": 

Have a great Thursday everyone! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Home Improvement

Yesterday we had several areas of the house repainted, so this required me and the babies and Sadie to live on the third floor all day yesterday.  We all survived just fine, and I did end up getting a few cute pictures of the babies out of it.  I also have some before and afters for those of you that like looking at house stuff. 

Let's do the baby pictures first!

The third floor is colder than the rest of the house because there are more vents concentrated in a smaller space (go figure) and it is 100 degrees outside so our poor AC is working overtime.  This means we had to dress like it was December:

I got the CUTEST picture of Chloe EVER:

And also some very cute ones of Brady:

Now, for the house stuff.  Here is our dining area BEFORE:

And the kitchen/living/dining space before:

Now here are some AFTER pictures:

I was very scared to pick a neutral color as I am only used to picking out a color that I like personally, not a color a whole bunch of people are supposed to like.   I do think that it turned out very nice and that it makes the room lighter and brighter.  I am very pleased.  The painters were very professional and they did an excellent job. 

So that is what we've been up to!  Hopefully that is the last of the work we are going to do on the house.  Tomorrow is the Broker's Open House so hopefully a broker may want to show our house to one of their clients! 

Have a great day everyone! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Belated Fun Fashion Friday Post

The babies have received several adorable outfits from Grandma Kathy (Meepie) and Grandpa Ronnie (Pappy), and Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Don in the mail over the last week or two.   I thought it would be fun to dress them up and take a few pictures of them in their new outfits!  I did this yesterday and was going to post it but somehow time slipped away from me, so here they are today. 

We will start with new outfits from Grandma Kathy (Meepie) and Grandpa Ronnie (Pappy): 

Miss Chloe was pretty excited to be modeling on Fun Fashion Friday:

Brady didn't mind too bad at first either:

Later in the afternoon we tried on new outfits from Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Don.  Since this was the second time that day, they weren't quite as thrilled about Fun Fashion Friday:

Chloe was mostly confused as to what we were doing and why we were doing it again:

But Brady had definitely had enough fashion fun for one Friday:

This was one of the least annoyed pictures I could get of him:

Poor babies!  I couldn't help it, they looked so cute in their outfits and I wanted their Grandparents to get to see them.

So that wrapped up Fun Fashion Friday!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Sign in the Yard

Today we had a photographer come and take pictures of our house to prepare a listing.  Tomorrow the signs go in the yard and our house is officially for sale.  We've thought about this for a long time and we've known for quite a while this is a step we wanted to take, we were just waiting for the right time.  We are going to see how it goes for the rest of the summer season and take it from there. 

In order to get the house ready, we've been working on several projects.  Here are a few of my pictures: 

I ordered and Chad assembled this new bench and I bought these flowers and outdoor pillows for "curb appeal":

We had our front door refinished:

We had our "yard" resodded.  Note: This is what counts as a "yard" in the city.  This is one of the reasons we want to move, so that Chloe and Brady can have a bigger yard to run and play in when they get older.

This is a project we did a while ago, we replaced the mulch in our flower beds with stone and replaced the azaleas with hardier Indian Hawthornes:

We added planters to our balconies:

New Doormat (We actually had a realtor we interviewed tell us we had to get a new doormat!)

So we've been working a lot on curb appeal projects, but we've also been streamlining things in the house, etc.  We have one last project, we are going to paint the inset in our living room that is currently red to a more neutral color.  I might post before and after pictures when it is done on Monday. 

Please keep us in your thoughts as we try to juggle our already busy lives and trying to sell our house at the same time!

The Day Shift

So sorry I have been out of pocket the last few days.  We have been extremely busy around here getting our house ready to go on the market (that is another post), and our internet has been down. 

The good news is I have a fresh batch of pictures for everyone!  These pictures are from this morning, and are representative of a typical early morning around our household.  We do the first two feedings of the day upstairs and I still use the boppy loungers since the high chairs are downstairs, but as you can see from the pictures I am going to have to come up with something different soon as Brady has completely outgrown his! 

B & C:

Brady & Sadie:

Chloe Investigating Sadie:

Sadie Standing Guard Over B & C:

Chloe Looking Skeptical:

Brady's pajamas are new from his Meepie (Grandma Kathy!) and he loves them!

I have lots more to post (might even do two posts in one day/night!) so I'll be updating more soon! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hair & Rollers

When I was pregnant I had a prediction that the babies would not have much hair since I had hardly any heartburn at all.  (I think I had heartburn one time?!?!).   Of course people say that is an Old Wives' tale, but in our case it turned out to be true!  Now I am very excited to report that Miss Chloe is starting to get a little bit of hair!  It is adorable to me because it "floofs up" after a bath.  I am sure one day she will shoot me for this picture, but I think she is precious and this is a good example of a "floof":

Growing (a little bit of) Hair:

And of course you all know that my house is full of rollers, but a new interesting thing is that Brady can roll several times in succession now (and both ways), which means that he often ends up in a much different place than where he was originally.  Here is a video:

The Continuous Roll:

Of course I had to go and quickly "rescue" him before he rolled any further unto the hardwood floor!  I never thought I would wish for more carpet in my house, but now I do!  

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend!

I wanted to post this video of Miss Chloe in her Jumperoo, since last time I only posted one of Brady.  This is from a couple of days ago when she decided to jump AND chat at the same time!  (Yes, she is jumping up and down on a Monopoly game box, she isn't quite tall enough for her legs to reach the floor yet!).  She is one talented little girl!

Speaking of talented, she has also mastered rolling from her back to her tummy, and can flip herself over just as quickly as her brother.  So I have a house full of rollers on my hands!

What a sweet girl, we are so proud of her!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday: What We've Been Up to Lately...




Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! 
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