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Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Hodgepodge

Happy Friday everyone!  Since it is the end of the week, today's post will just be a few pictures and a video of some of the fun things the babies are doing right now. 

First off, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that a certain little boy is crawling now!  We are so proud of him.  He did something-resembling-crawling for the very first time last Thursday night when my Mom came into town.  Since that night and until today we could only coax him to crawl by putting him away from a toy and getting him to crawl to get it, usually only as far as from one corner of the blanket to the other.  Today he decided to explore further on his own. What a big boy!  Time to batten down the hatches and lock everything up!  Here is a video:

Miss Chloe has also been causing quite the ruckus recently, most notably when we try to change her diaper.  She is now convinced that changing her diaper is not a necessary chore but a game we are playing.  The game is called "Squirm Wildly and Do Flips".  Sometimes, to make it more challenging for herself, she likes to see if she can pull a clean wipe from the wipe warmer.  She considers this to be a real achievement.  Chad has compared putting a diaper on Chloe to trying to put a diaper on a wild bobcat.  An extremely charming and adorable wild bobcat, but a wild bobcat nonetheless.  I would say changing Chloe's diaper currently takes at least 5 minutes or longer (when it should take 30 seconds).  Here are some pictures of our wild bobcat:

"Look Mommy, I flipped over!"

Triumphantly holding the wipe she took from the wipe warmer

It is worth noting that I did manage to get her diaper and outfit changed, score one for Mommy!

1 comment:

  1. Yay Brady! Might I suggest blocking off your stairs, if you haven't already, now that you have a crawler. Not that I know anything about that from experience. *cough cough*

    Zoey's diaper changes are just like Chloe's! She flips over and takes off crawling across the room with a naked little bum! :P Chloe is so cute--such a tiny little peanut!


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