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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Few Firsts

Today I went grocery shopping for two important reasons, our first Thanksgiving meal prepared solely by us and for us, and a few new food options for Brady and Chloe.  I bought items needed to bake my first pie (I am not a big pie person and neither is Chad, but I love chocolate pie and so I've decided to try and bake that), my first turkey (it is only a 7 lb turkey breast, but I'm counting it!), and also Paula Deen's crockpot macaroni and cheese.  I made her macaroni and cheese last year and it was very good, although this year I think I will cook it for a little less time.  This won't be our whole meal, but this is what I have planned so far.  I need to find a way to get a vegetable or two in there somewhere!

I also bought sweet potatoes and avocados for Brady and Chloe.  Tonight we gave them some grated cheese as finger food (this was something the doctor suggested as a food with more fat in it) and they LOVED it.  They definitely are our children!  Today I also baked a sweet potato, mixed in real butter, a little bit of juice, and ground cinnamon and pureed it in the blender.  This got mixed reviews but I think it was less about the food and more that they just weren't very hungry at the time I tried to introduce it (after they just finished a full bottle).  I had enough sweet potato puree left over to fill 3 large glass baby food jars and refrigerate them, so I will see how they like it tomorrow.  I am also looking forward to trying avocado mixed with either bananas or cream cheese tomorrow.   It's so exciting now that the babies are getting older they can really enjoy a wider range of food items and we can start to incorporate foods that are closer to what we actually eat. 

Both Brady and Chloe had other firsts today that did not involve food.  Brady was hanging out on the couch with Chad today while he was watching Star Wars on blue ray.  When a light saber battle came on the screen, Brady was completely engrossed.  There isn't much that can capture his attention for longer than a minute or two at a time, but he sat quietly with Chad and watched intently for probably 10 minutes.  It was adorable!  Chloe's first happened when we had some friends over to watch the OU game tonight.  Chloe and our friend Katie were playing when suddenly Chloe started laughing and clapping her hands.  Then of course we all said "Yay!" and clapped our hands too.  She did it several times tonight, so I am hoping I can catch her clapping her hands on video soon. 

Brady is enthralled with Star Wars

That's all for today!  Night night!


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