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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So Proud of Our Little Peanut!

I can't believe I haven't had a chance to post about this yet but our sweet little Chloe took her first steps a couple of weeks ago, I think it was on Monday evening, April 9th, 2012!  She had been squatting and going from the squatting position to standing up by herself for several days, and one evening we were sitting out on the patio enjoying the backyard, and she just stood up and took a step.  That step led to several more steps, and she just started doing laps around the concrete patio!  I actually had time to run in the house while Chad stayed outside so I could get my phone and record it.

Here is a video of our little girl taking her first steps:

After that day she wouldn't do any walking unless we were outside on the concrete patio.  Something about the texture of it must have made her feel more secure.  After a few days she started actually walking on the floors in the house.  Gradually she has been increasing the frequency of her walking.  She still reverts to crawling sometimes, but she is really getting great at walking.  She can walk barefoot, in shoes, on concrete, tile, wood, grass, mulch, etc.  She can even walk while holding a ball or a stuffed animal and she has also mastered turns.  I would say over the next several weeks she will continue to grow in confidence and steadiness and soon she will be solely walking!  We are so glad and proud of her!

Brady can walk while holding on to just one finger of my hand and I think that is more about feeling confident and secure than for any actual help with walking.  I have a feeling one day soon he will just take off too!

Every day the babies do something that reminds me just how big and grown up they are becoming.  It is bittersweet, but I am also so proud of how far we've come!


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  1. Hehe, I like how even Brady claps for Chloe. : )


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