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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Saga of the Purple People Eater Kitchen

When we first went to see the new house we loved a lot of different things about it.  The neighborhood, the fact that it was one story, and all of the space!  One thing I did NOT love and couldn't look past was the dark purple kitchen.  Chad didn't seem to mind it too much, but I told him I just could not live in a house with a dark purple kitchen.  As a condition of us renting the house, we asked that we be allowed to repaint the kitchen.  It turns out that we have permission to repaint almost all of the rooms in the house, so we are excited!

I had hired a certain painting company before to repaint some areas in our city house back when we had it on the market, and since they did such a great job that time I decided to hire them to repaint the kitchen and two bathrooms in the new house.  I exchanged about 5 emails back and forth with the owner of the company, and signed a contract for the painting.  I had arranged for the painters to come the day before we moved in and the appliances were delivered.  On the morning of the scheduled day I rushed over with the babies and all of their gear in tow to the suburb house to meet the painters at 8 AM.  They never showed!

Obviously I was upset, particularly since the whole move had been scheduled around the painting.  The owner of the paint company came out to the suburb house personally to apologize, and then offered to paint the kitchen and the two bathrooms for FREE the next day.  I was very surprised and pleased that he offered this solution.  The only problem was that meant on Moving Day we would have the painters, the movers, the appliance delivery people, Chad, Meepie, Jaden, me, and the babies in the house at the same time!  At one point that day we counted and we had 13 people in the house!  Also the wall where the refrigerator was had to be painted first thing in the morning so it would dry before the people from Best Buy delivered the refrigerator around noon!  Chaos!

Anyhow, I tell you all of this so that you can appreciate the lengths multiple people went to in order to eradicate the purple people eater kitchen!  Here are some pictures:



Whew!  Happy Friday everyone!



  1. What a great kitchen! I thought I liked the purple, haha, but then I saw the "after" pics, and I love it so much more now! Beautiful house!!

    1. Thanks Jimmie! Your house is coming along so great too! Can't wait to see it all finished!


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