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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Great Outdoors: Our New Neighborhood & A Landscaping Project

Since we are pretty settled indoors, we've had some time to explore and improve our outdoor situation now too!  I wanted to share some pictures of our beautiful new neighborhood that we are really enjoying.  We took TWO walks today, one earlier in the day and then one later this evening after Chad got home.  The pictures are from our backyard, our neighborhood, and even a landscaping/mulching project we completed in the front yard!

This first picture is from our backyard.  We bought a bird feeder and the birds have been going to town eating the food!  The feeder is almost half empty now!  Here is a cardinal enjoying the feeder this morning. I don't know if the picture is too small to see the bird, but it was so pretty!

This next picture is the honeysuckle growing over our fence.  If you look out the window of Chloe's room, this is what you see!

Here are some pictures of our neighborhood from our walk earlier today:

Here is Meepie and Jaden with the babies down at the dock by the community center:

Here is the Community Center in our neighborhood:

Now for the landscaping project we worked on today.  When I say "we", I mostly mean our nephew Jaden.  He has been a huge help around the house while we've been moving in this week, and he put down about 95% of the mulch in the front yard today.  The poor yard had been neglected for some time, and was in desperate need of mulch.  We bought rubber mulch, which is supposed to not fade and last for 15 years. It is also not made of wood so it should not attract bugs or termites.



Finally, here is a picture of the kids in their new wagon on our walk this evening:

We are loving our new surroundings in the suburbs.  We have lived in the city for over four years and we haven't been able to get out and enjoy our neighborhood or a yard before.  To be able to look around and see flowers, grass, lakes, birds, and nature in general is wonderful.  Chad's commute to and from work is an average of 40 minutes each way, but he has said it is worth every minute of the commute to have our family in our new neighborhood.

Happy Thursday everyone!



  1. You have a great neighborhood, and your yard just looks immaculate! :D Do always remember to water the lawn in the morning, and to water them deeply and not to frequently. This way, the surface of the lawn and garden dries off during the day, and the roots of the plants learn to grow down into the soil to get the water they need. Oh, and you have adorable kids, by the way!

    Cecilia Green

  2. I love your neighborhood! It's so stunning! I like the community area very much. It's like being in a vacation spot or living alongside a golf course. It’s no wonder that you love it there. It truly is the "great outdoors" in your neighborhood. The landscape of the entire community and your yard look wonderful too! Your nephew, and the people in your neighborhood, all did an amazing job at everything!

    Katy Eagles

  3. Your neighborhood looks awesome, so it would be a shame if you have a boring yard. Of course, the beauty of your home must be in the same level with your neighbors, if not higher. Haha! Well, with the transformation you've made in your front yard, I can say that you were able to keep up with the rest! It now has a livelier color and looks fresher than before.

    Jeremy Beauregard


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