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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend with their families!  We were very sad to see Chad's mom Kathy and our nephew Jaden leave this morning.  They have been such a huge help while they've been here and we had a lot of fun during their visit.  I know the babies will miss them a ton too!  The good news is we do have more upcoming family visits to look forward to.  We are excited that my Mom is coming to visit on Tuesday!

Last year for Easter we didn't do a whole lot since the babies were only a little over 2 months old.  They were too little to appreciate an Easter basket and we were just plain tired from being the parents of two newborns.  We did manage to take an Easter picture of the babies last year.  This was their first holiday so it is the first one I can compare to this year.  Here they are on Easter 2011:

Now here are their pictures from Easter 2012.   These are from their visit to see the Easter Bunny on Friday afternoon and from opening their Easter baskets this morning.

This year their baskets had a duck hooded towel for each baby, Spiderman pajamas for Brady and Tinkerbell pajamas for Chloe, two large stuffed Easter Bunnies from my Mom, various other Easter-themed stuffed animals, and they each received another book from the Little Quack series.  Their Great Grams and Great Grandfoder also sent them an Easter package and Aunt Gigi sent them some adorable frog hooded towels.  Thank you to everyone for your sweet Easter presents for the babies!   The Easter Bunny didn't put any candy in their baskets this year since they don't have any special preferences yet, but I am sure next year they will want candy in their baskets and the Easter Bunny will bring them some.

Our family wishes everyone a wonderful Easter Sunday!


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