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Monday, April 2, 2012

A Few Pictures of the New House

We moved over the weekend, and boy do I have lots of things to share with the blog!  Of course, I also still have a household that is about 45% in boxes and two one year old twins to look after, so I have very little time for the blog at the moment.  Luckily I do have a few pictures I wanted to share while I had a moment! Please excuse the picture quality, these were all taken on my phone and not my digital camera.

First off, the playroom.  It is the most organized room in the house at the moment.

Entrance to playroom:

Playroom left side:

Playroom right side:

Reading area of playroom:

The thing on the wall is a list of really cute/sweet "Playroom Rules" on vinyl letters I got from Etsy.  They look good but were really hard to put up!  One of the rules was ironically "Try to be patient" while we were impatiently trying to get it on the wall.

Now here is another room in the house I love, an actual dining room (We've never had a formal dining room or table before)!  We did not paint this room, it just happened to be this color and we like it!

Now here are just some random pictures of random places I took over the weekend.

Here is the babies' first breakfast in the house:

Here is the entrance hallway:

Here are the babies playing by the bathtub in the master bedroom/bathroom area:

You can't see much from the picture above I just liked the way it looked.  At this point there was NOTHING in the house except me and the babies and the bare essentials.

And finally, here is Mr. Brady outside of the playroom.  This is the first time he ventured out a little.

I have a LOT more to post about but it will probably be quite a while before I update again.  Hope everyone is doing great!  We are enjoying the new house!


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