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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Shenanigans!

Today was a busy and fun day for everyone!  I have a lot of fun pictures to share so it is easier to just show you the pictures and tell you that way.  

Mom and I went shopping at Target and picked up these hats and sunglasses for the babies:

We also went to the HomeGoods store.  This was my first time at one and boy did I love it!  We found several awesome buys!   The first thing is an ABCs canvas Grandma Lisa bought for the babies' playroom.  We also found these cute Elephant lamps with the yellow polka dot shades.

We even found Sadie a new dog bed (her old one was left at Doggy Daycare by mistake), and she loves it!

Meanwhile, Chad was at home with the babies in the backyard watching them enjoy their new baby pool!

Chad also set up their new sand and water play table during one of their naps, and they had the best time playing with it this afternoon!  Warning to all parents though, even though this is a ton of fun for the kids, they WILL get messy, so be prepared!

Finally we wrapped up our busy day of shopping and playing outside with a bedtime story from Grandma Lisa.  We had a fun visit with her, and we are so sad she goes home tomorrow, we will miss her!  

Wishing everyone a fun weekend with their families!  


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