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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bluebonnet Pictures: A Texas Tradition

While Chad and I grew up in Virginia and North Carolina respectively, the babies were born in Texas and are therefore Texans by birth.  One big tradition of a Texan childhood is to have your picture taken in a field of bluebonnets (some families do this annually).   The bluebonnet is a wildflower, and the Texas state flower.  It is currently bluebonnet season in Texas, although I believe we are coming to the end of it.  On a whim this morning I decided we would pack the kids in the car and try to get their pictures taken in the bluebonnets.

I will admit this year we were disorganized and didn't really even know where we were going when we headed out this morning.  Considering that we just moved last weekend, I suppose I should consider it a positive that we got their pictures taken in the bluebonnets this year at all.  The babies weren't really thrilled with the whole thing, but they were very patient considering we had to drive about 40 minutes in the car just to get to a field with bluebonnets.  Next year I will do more research to find a really nice field, this was just on the side of the road.  Here are a few pictures from our adventure today:

Hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend so far!


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