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Monday, November 12, 2012

Girls' Weekend at the River Market in Little Rock

I got home late last night from my girls' weekend, and boy was I tired!  My exhaustion was definitely worth it though, because we had such a wonderful time.  Our weekend was packed to the brim with lots of shopping, trying out the local restaurants, visiting a park, going to the mall, attending the local holiday craft market, and we even made it to a comedy club and a piano bar!

One of the most amazing parts of our trip was when we ran into my great friends Chris and Carrie from high school/college.  I knew Chris and Carrie lived in Arkansas, but I wasn't sure which part exactly in relation to where I was going to be over the weekend.  I also knew that Chris works in a famous and very beautiful hotel, but again I wasn't sure which one or where it was.  Being the ditz that I am, I didn't think to contact them on Facebook to see if I was going to be near them before we left for our trip.  On Saturday morning several places we were thinking of trying for breakfast ended up being closed, so we decided to have breakfast at The Peabody hotel.  When I walked into the lobby I was struck by how beautiful it was.  No sooner were we seated for breakfast than my phone was ringing and it was a number from my hometown!  I had a bad connection and couldn't hear who was speaking on the other end.  Not a minute or two later, here come my friends Chris and Carrie!  What an amazing surprise!  Not only did I get to hug them and chat with them, but we also got to meet them for dinner that evening.  How funny that of all the places to have breakfast I went to have breakfast at my friend's hotel without even realizing it!  I am very excited that if we make this an annual trip I can make plans to see them again, and this time I can do it in advance!  :-)

By the way, if you have never been to Little Rock, the River Market area was beautiful and so much fun!  There were so many interesting shops and places to eat, and none of them were chain restaurants, they were all unique and for the most part seemed locally owned.  A lot of places in the area had different things they were famous for:  one place had amazing Chicago deep dish style pizza, another place was known for great beer that was brewed in the restaurant (not that I like beer, just an example), another had an awesome brunch, and one place was even known for having a purple milkshake!  

It was a weekend of kid-free fun and I enjoyed every minute of it, but I did miss my babies quite a bit and I thought about them a lot, and wondered what they were doing and if they were having a good time with Chad.  The report from Chad was that they were really great for him all weekend.  He took the kids to the mall and rode the carousel and the train with the kids by himself.  He even took them to Red Lobster for dinner one night and he said several people remarked on how well behaved they were.  Chad even managed a trip to Walmart with the kids in tow to pick up a few extra groceries.  I was so glad to hear that everything went so smoothly, although I was not shocked, since I have such great kids and they have such an awesome Dad.  

Here are a few pictures from my trip:

Me and my girls' weekend companions!  
Such sweet and fun ladies!  
Dinner with the awesome Chris and Carrie!
This park in the River Market area of Little Rock was gorgeous.

Beautiful Fall colors!
I had to take a picture by this Boston Terrier statue for my mom!
Horsin' around!  :-)

Whew!  This morning I was so glad to be home and get to see my babies!  I have been giving them even more hugs and kisses than usual, just because I can!  

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