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Monday, November 5, 2012

Parents of Multiples Halloween Social

The local Parents of Multiples group I belong to held a Halloween social a couple of weeks ago where the kids could dress up in their costumes and have snacks, do a "Boo Hunt" for treats, play on the playground, and bounce in a jump castle.  This was the first Halloween related event we went to, but it will be my last Halloween-related post.

Brady and Chloe wore costumes to this event that were given to them last February by their Nana and Doodah (my Dad and Stepmom).  They were a lion and a chicken and they looked so adorable in their costumes!  Many thanks to Nana and Doodah!

They had a blast getting treat bags, running around on the playground, but by far their favorite part of the Halloween social was jumping in the bounce house.  I was a little nervous to let them do it since most of the kids at the social were older and bigger and I couldn't go in the bounce house with them, but they weren't afraid at all and loved every minute of it.  In fact, we had to practically drag poor Brady from the bounce house.

It was a fun family event and I am so glad we are part of a community that has so many family friendly things to do!  I have some pictures to share with you:

A rare family picture with all of us together!
What a cute chicken!

He was an adorable lion!  

He just wanted to live in the bounce house and never leave.

Having so much fun!

Bouncy bouncy!

Sliding with Daddy.

What a fun day we had!   Well folks, I think that is a wrap for Halloween posts for 2012!

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