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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pumpkin Painting

One day last week while Grandma was visiting we decided to paint pumpkins.  Brady and Chloe both had a small pumpkin to paint, we used Crayola Washable Kids Paint, and I set up their picnic table in the play room with a plastic shower curtain liner underneath as a drop cloth.  I picked just two colors to start (purple and green) and squeezed a small amount in reusable applesauce cups.

Once we showed Chloe how to paint, she really got into it and enjoyed the process quite a bit.  Brady was not interested in painting his pumpkin at all.  He was way more interested in playing with his truck.

They turned out really cute and it was actually a lot less messy and time consuming than carving a pumpkin.  We had intended to carve a big pumpkin this year too, but we ended up not buying a pumpkin at Dewberry Farm this year so we didn't have a big one to carve.  We used our painted pumpkins as decoration outside our front door and that actually seemed to work out well.

Here are a few pumpkin painting photos:

The artist concentrating hard on her creation.  :-)
Brady observing, but not too excited to join in.  
The end result!
We used our painted pumpkins and the ghost craft we made at Story Time to decorate our front door where we left our candy bowl while we went trick or treating.  

This was the first year the kids painted pumpkins but I believe we will continue this tradition again next year!

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