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Friday, January 11, 2013

Like Christmas Exploded All in One Blog Post

Oh my word, I have neglected the poor blog since November!  I am so sorry about that.  I wish I had some brilliant reason why, other than life is just busy with two very busy toddlers and two parents just trying to keep our heads above water.  A major part of my recent neglect of the blog is our ongoing pursuit of becoming healthier and losing weight.   We have been working on this weight loss and fitness goal since June.  As a couple, Chad and I have lost over 100 pounds and counting.  When we are not spending time with Brady and Chloe, working, or catching up on errands and household chores, more than likely we are in the gym.  This leaves two very exhausted parents with very little free time for blogging.  Excuses aside, I want to be able to connect with friends and family that may not have Facebook and that want to keep up with what we are up to.  So I am going to try and check in with the blog more frequently than I have been in the last few months!

The month of December was very busy with many fun holiday activities.  I want to share some of what we did last month with some family pictures, so here we go!

We decorated our tree

We hung our stockings by the chimney with care
We added an ornament every day to our beautiful Advent calendar made by my talented friend Jessie
We adopted our Elf on the Shelf, Cookie, given to us by our wonderful friend Carlea and he got into all sorts of  shenanigans
We decorated the outside of our house with lights

Chloe called Rudolph "Dodo"
The kids LOVED playing outside and seeing the lights every day!  
They called this tree "BALLS!"  
We decorated sugar cookies!
Fun decorating our sugar cookies!
We visited Santa, not once, but twice!  We were thrilled, can't you tell?
Brady was actually more fond of Santa than Chloe was

This was at our neighborhood event where Santa came for a visit, I love this picture of Chloe with her Daddy!
Christmas cutie!
We wore Christmasy pjs
Chad and I went on a date to see The Nutcracker by the Houston Ballet
It was beautiful and we had great seats!  Can't wait to take Brady and Chloe when they are older!
We set out cookies and milk and a note for Santa
Daddy read us The Night Before Christmas before bed on Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful holiday season and we started many new family traditions that we hope to continue for years to come.  Christmas this year was a lot of fun for us, because Brady and Chloe were more interested and aware of everything this year and it was a joy to see their faces light up when experiencing different events and experiences associated with the season.  

Our family sends our best wishes to you and yours.  We hope that you had a joyous and peaceful holiday season and a Happy New Year!  

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