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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Handprint Christmas Ornaments 2012

Last year we started the tradition of making handprint Christmas ornaments for our families.  I was excited to do it again this year since the kids would actually be able to help with the painting process.  Just like with painting pumpkins, Chloe was really excited to get her hands messy and paint away, but Brady was not thrilled at all about the process.  He didn't mind pressing his hand into the dough to make an impression, but when it came time to paint the ornaments he was NOT happy.  In fact, he was so unhappy I didn't even get a chance to snap a picture of him painting his ornaments.

I did get a few pictures of Chloe painting and of the finished product though, so I will share those with you:

I am looking forward to sending these out soon to the grands and great grands.  I am already getting in the holiday spirit this year!  Before you know it I will be one of those crazy people who starts playing Christmas music waaaaay too soon!  :-)

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  1. Welcome to my life: I have one crafty/artsy son, and one who isn't. From when they were each toddlers, one could sit still to color, read or play with play-doh. The other would rather play outside.

    It's remarkable how different siblings can be!


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