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Friday, March 2, 2012

Future Movie Star

A couple of weeks ago I went shopping with my MIL (Meepie) when she was in town for the babies' birthday.  We ended up at a Gymboree outlet and of course I had to buy the kids a few outfits.  While checking out, the sales clerk said, "If you spend another $5 you get $50 Gymbucks (store credit) on your next visit".  I already had my eye on a pair of sunglasses for Chloe and I just needed an excuse to buy them, so we ended up with the sunglasses too.  I always thought the upselling tricks retailers use were a bunch of hooey, but clearly they work on crazy mothers like me.

I am glad I bought the sunglasses though.  At first, Chloe would immediately take them off her face as soon as I put them on.  Last night I put them on just to show our neighbor Carlea how cute she was in them, and she actually kept them on for a minute and kept turning her head from side to side with the funniest little grin.  Her expression seemed to say, "These are fabulous, aren't they?".  My little Chloe cracks me up!

Here are some videos from this morning, she doesn't keep them on as long, I think because the novelty had worn off a little since she wore them last night.  Still, who can resist a baby in sunglasses?

Happy Friday everyone!


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