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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordy Wednesday!

Just after their first birthday, we started to notice the babies attempting to say actual words.  I think they really benefitted from having so many people here, and so many people talking to them, holding them, and engaging them in play.  It started one morning when I walked in to the babies' nursery and Chloe was standing up in her crib and greeted me with, "Hey!".  She's been able to say "Mama" for quite a while, but now she can say some variation of: Hi/Hey, Bye Bye, Uh Oh, Mama, and Duck.  Brady can say Mama and Duck that I know of.

There is a funny story behind their ability to say Duck.  Last Saturday night our good friends Andy and Kari brought us dinner and came to hang out with the babies for a little while.  They had to miss the birthday party because of work, so they were very sweet to bring over some birthday presents for the babies.  They bought them several awesome books.  We decided it would be fun to read a few of their new books from Andy and Kari before they went to bed that night.  Two of the books we read featured ducks: Little Quack Counts and Little Quack's ABCs.  Like we usually do, we pointed to the animals in the book and named them for the babies, saying "Duck" a lot since there was a duck on almost every page.  By the end of the two books, both babies were saying "Duck" "Duck" "Duck".  We were all blown away!  They still say "duck" all the time, and in fact, it is the easiest of all the words they say to understand.

Here is a video of Chloe saying "Duck":

Here she is attempting to say "Bye Bye":

Interacting with them is even more fun now that they are learning new words and we can have "discussions". I will try to catch Brady on video next time!


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  1. Hahaha! The "Duck" conversation they had amongst themselves after they had been put to bed still cracks me up. : ) It reminded me of going to see a concert/ show/ movie and humming ones of the songs until you fall asleep.


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