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Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Randoms

I don't necessarily have a specific topic I wanted to post about today, but it occurred to me that the last few posts have been about bookcases and flash cards, etc.  These things are related to the babies, but not specifically about them.  So I wanted to post a few pictures of my babies and catch you up on a little of what's going on in their world.

One of their recent obsessions is the refrigerator.  If anyone opens the door, they better close it fast or they will have the worst time trying to get the babies out of there!

"Mustard is in a bottle, so I must be able to drink it!"

Another thing Chloe is really into right now is "dressing herself".  If she finds any clothes on the floor (yes there are occasionally clothes on the floor in my house) she will grab them and put them on her head.  Then she will crawl around or go about her business after she's "dressed herself".

Brady's newest obsession is the bookcase in the nursery, and getting all of the books out of it as quickly as possible!

And to prove they aren't getting into stuff 100% of the time, here they are all dressed and ready to go out to lunch and shopping last Saturday:

Happy Friday to all, hope you have a great day!


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