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Monday, March 26, 2012

Moving Prep Goof Offs

The movers are coming this Friday to pack our house up, and we are actually moving this upcoming weekend.  To prepare for the impending move, we spent this past weekend sorting through our cabinets and junk drawers (yes, we had more than one junk drawer).   We also sorted through our important filing/documents.  We tried to pare down things we don't want to take with us and to preserve the important things in a safe place so that the movers don't put them in a random box.

While we were busy doing all this, we ended up having a lot of fun.  I think that's the only way you can do this is just to have fun with it.  We were having a blast rediscovering things we forgot we even had.  If you've ever seen the show Storage Wars, you can just imagine the scene we had in our kitchen.  We even found $5!  We are in the money now!  I took some fun pictures to share with you.

Chad, doing his best Darrell impression (guy from Storage Wars) "That's a $5 bill right there!"

This is a funny story I will tell on myself.  I am always complaining we don't have any Scotch tape.  I always seem to need it for some reason and I never can find any.  So I always buy more, and it always disappears.  Well, this weekend we found it!  I think we are OK in the Scotch tape department for a while.

Even the kids were enjoying themselves.  They thought it was extra fun to play with all of the miscellaneous items on the floor while we were organizing.

And even though Brady will kill me when he is older, I have to post this cute pic of him wearing one of Chloe's headbands.  Maybe I can blame it on the fact that we were delirious from all of the sorting.

Even Sabrina was happy, since she found a new favorite thing to rest on!  We had a half-filled trash bag that had old Christmas stockings in it, and she found it and made it her new favorite nap place!  She stayed there for hours.  We finally had to go poke her to make sure she was OK.

In addition to all of our goofing off moving preparations, we managed to also spend some time with friends over the weekend as well.  Friday evening I got to attend a local Mom of Multiples consignment sale with my friend Jessie (yes she spells her name exactly like I do, and she also has twins!) and I had a lot of fun and picked up some great things for the new playroom.  I also scored a Radio Flyer wagon for the kids that I am really excited about!  Sunday around lunchtime we got to go visit some other friends with twins, the Dermody family.  Our kids got to play together and my friend Natalie and I got to go enjoy lunch out and a pedicure while our husbands and Natalie's Grandmother watched all of our kids.  I think everybody had a great time!

Here is a picture of Chloe before we went to the play date, I just thought her outfit was so cute!

Then here she is all tuckered out from non-stop playing:

I am pretty sure by the end of the weekend this is how we all felt!  Hope everyone had a fun and busy weekend too!


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