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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Idea: Our Very Own Family Face Book

Sadly, Nana and Doodah left town last Saturday.  The month they were here with us flew by!  We miss them a lot, and especially miss the awesome ability to just say, "want to come over for dinner?" or "want to come watch the kids at Birdies class?".  I cherished the opportunity to have family close by to us, even for a brief time.  I believe they may rent out the same house for a month again next February, and I am already looking forward to it!

Since everybody's left town, I was thinking that it would be nice if the kids could start to become more familiar with our family member's faces who live out of town, and to try and put a word or sound to those faces.  We Skype pretty frequently with out of town family members, but the babies are moving around so much it doesn't always captivate their attention just yet.  At this age, we are doing a LOT of reading and I am doing a lot of pointing and naming objects to them.  This gave me the idea to do a family flip book, with a picture of each family member and their name.

My hope is that after going over this flip book a bunch of times over the next several months, they might associate the person's name/sound with their face when we go home to visit sometime in the summer.  At the very least, they will be used to seeing the person's face.

For those interested, I ordered my flash cards from this website.  You can order flash cards of any pictures you like.  They also have customizable board books.

Here are some pictures of our flash cards.  Family members, if you don't see your card, that doesn't mean you aren't in our book.  I tried to include as many people as possible (there was a page limit), it just means I didn't use it as an example on the blog.  Love you all!

The babies enjoy going through our cards, and will often pick it up and go through it themselves if it is on the floor.

Have a great day everyone!


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