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Friday, March 23, 2012

Chloe's Nursery Sneak Peek!

Since we are moving next week(!!!!) I have been busy getting things together for the babies' separate rooms.  I've had a lot of fun coming up with ideas and I wanted to share a few with the blog.  I am going to preview Chloe's nursery first, since most of her stuff is already here.  

The inspiration behind her new room came from her name canvas that I painted for her when I was pregnant.  As you can see, it has a little ladybug on it.  I thought it would be a cute idea to do a ladybug room for her!

There are some things from their current room that I will be reusing and moving to her room including her crib (these pictures are from when we were first setting up the nursery) and their white hutch:

As well as the curtains that currently serve as the "doors" to their closet (I lucked out since the green polka dots match the green in the new bedding!):

Now for the new stuff!  I found this cute floral/ladybug bedding and matching room accessories online at Walmart!

The bedding says "L is for Ladybug!"  Please excuse the wrinkles, this picture was taken when it was fresh from the bag!  Here is the bean bag and rug:

Chloe checking out the new bean bag:

I also picked up a few pieces to decorate the wall (there are more of these, this is just an example):

And probably my favorite thing is this ladybug nightlight/lamp I found on Etsy:

I know it will be a lot easier to visualize the whole room when all of the stuff is arranged in it, so I will have to post a final nursery reveal once we move in!  I am getting excited, I think Chloe will like her new ladybug room!

Happy Friday everyone!



  1. So cute! I can't wait to decorate Zoey's big girl room in our new house!

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