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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Out with the Old, in with the New

Living in a townhouse in the city with two adults, two babies, a dog, and a cat can definitely lead to some space issues, particularly when it comes to baby stuff.  We have two of almost everything, and sometimes two sets of things on different levels of the house.  As the babies grow and their needs change, so do the baby gear items they need. 

A local restaurant nearby holds a garage sale in their parking lot every first Saturday of the month, and anyone can bring their stuff to sell for free, no need to sign up ahead of time or anything.  Since we were in the process of phasing some items out and bringing new items in, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to unload some of the stuff we'd outgrown. 

This morning Chad took it all over to the garage sale and we sold everything, including: two bassinets, two bouncy seats, two newborn boppy loungers, and two swings!  We were delighted to have successfully cleared out these things so we could have more space! 

Now for some fun pictures of the babies using some of the NEW baby items in the house!


They have graduated from the Newborn Boppy loungers and now can use the regular Boppy pillow on the floor.  These adorable Boppys were gifts from our friend Patrick's parents, Sammy and Lorene.  Their outfits are new also and were sent to them from their Meepie (Grandma Kathy).  


Look how big we are now in our highchairs! 


Brady laughing in his new Jumperoo!  So exciting! 

Chloe checking it all out!  She seems to be thinking, "Whoa!"

We have really enjoyed watching the babies process these new experiences, it is so much fun!  Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend everyone! 

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