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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hair & Rollers

When I was pregnant I had a prediction that the babies would not have much hair since I had hardly any heartburn at all.  (I think I had heartburn one time?!?!).   Of course people say that is an Old Wives' tale, but in our case it turned out to be true!  Now I am very excited to report that Miss Chloe is starting to get a little bit of hair!  It is adorable to me because it "floofs up" after a bath.  I am sure one day she will shoot me for this picture, but I think she is precious and this is a good example of a "floof":

Growing (a little bit of) Hair:

And of course you all know that my house is full of rollers, but a new interesting thing is that Brady can roll several times in succession now (and both ways), which means that he often ends up in a much different place than where he was originally.  Here is a video:

The Continuous Roll:

Of course I had to go and quickly "rescue" him before he rolled any further unto the hardwood floor!  I never thought I would wish for more carpet in my house, but now I do!  

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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