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Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Friday!

So far we've had a great Friday full of surprises! 

The first surprise was that it actually RAINED here!  We have had a terribly dry summer and it has been especially difficult because we recently resodded the yard, so we have had to water like crazy!  Needless to say, this was a most welcome sight:

Since it was so rainy, the babies took a longer than usual morning nap, and I went in to check on them and found them both sleeping on their tummies with their butts in the air!  So cute!  This is pretty unusual since Brady is the tummy sleeper and Chloe typically sleeps on her back.  Here they are:

Chloe snoozing away:

Brady sleeping soundly too:

While the babies were sleeping, Chad called me to see if we all wanted to meet him and some coworkers and friends for lunch so we decided to go! 

We went to Freebirds, which is a Burrito place and typically you wait in line to order at the counter like at a Moe's or Jason's Deli (for those of you who don't have Freebirds).  It was time for the babies to eat their lunch too so one of us was going to have to wait in line and order and the other person was going to feed both babies.  The people at Freebirds saw this and offered to let us order our food from our table so that we were both able to stay seated and feed the babies!  They were awesome and so accomodating and we really appreciated how family friendly they were, huge thanks to them! 

Chloe wore a new outfit with a matching headband from her Meepie today and looked super cute! 

Brady wore his plaid jumper from Grandma Lisa that I posted a picture of last Friday. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Wish us luck, we are having an Open House on Sunday!

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