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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Messy Boys!

 If there is one thing I know about boys of all ages, they like to have fun getting messy!  Both of my guys had fun being messy yesterday. 

Chad rented a pressure washer yesterday from Home Depot to get the outside of the house spruced up for our Open House today.  I think it is the one outdoor chore that is fun to do in late summer in Texas!   

The house and the sidewalks got clean but Chad got drenched with water and dirt! 

Meanwhile, inside the house his son was enjoying a messy dinner of Squash.  We are doing really great with solids now and have tried (and liked) every food recommended for supported sitters with the exception of carrots and prunes. 

Here is our messy boy enjoying his Squash:

So as you can see a messy and fun time was had by both of my boys yesterday! 

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