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Monday, June 25, 2012

Under the Weather

Sorry for the infrequent posts over the last week, we've had a series of events that all combined to drastically reduce the amount of time available for blogging.

Around Wednesday last week Chloe and Brady came down with a summer cold.  They have congestion, runny noses, and they seem to just feel yucky in general.  This means more fussiness and drama then we are accustomed to in the Ringley household.  Chad and I are working hard to make sure to make them as comfortable as possible with lots of cuddles, hugs, saline drops, chest vapor rub, boogie wipes, infant tylenol, infant benadryl, and a little bit of honey before bed.  I am hoping we will turn the corner early this week and feel better.  If not, I will take them to the doctor.  They don't have a fever and they aren't waking in the night, but if they don't feel better soon it is probably still best to make sure it isn't anything more than a cold.

Combine their colds with the fact that the babies picked last week to drop from taking two naps to taking one nap, I was one busy momma!  Since we've gone to one nap we have switched to an earlier bedtime, but they are also waking up earlier.  Bedtime is at 7:45-8 versus our old bedtime of 8:30, and they are waking up on average at about 7:30.

Since they haven't felt great and have often wanted to be held but also distracted from not feeling well, we resorted to letting the kids watch a few DVDs.  They watched parts of Cars, Finding Nemo, and The Lion King.  I wasn't sure that they would pay much attention to them or watch them for more than five minutes at a time, but they actually watched a decent amount of each movie and seemed to be interested in it.  I definitely don't want to encourage a lot of t.v. or movie watching, but it is good to know that in a situation where they aren't feeling well or something like that, they can watch it for a while and be distracted.  Also, I have wanted to get a certain educational DVD called The Letter Factory for a while now, ever since I read about it on another mom's blog.  It is supposed to be a great tool for helping kids learn their letters and letter sounds.  It is very highly rated on Amazon, so I went ahead and ordered it and I am looking forward to seeing what effect it has if any.  If they are going to watch something, might as well be something fun and educational!

I'm sure you can imagine I have taken very few pictures over the last week, and if I had they wouldn't have been pretty ones anyhow.  A lot of grumpy faces and runny noses.  But I do have a few to share with you.

I took this Wednesday, just before they got sick.  I put Chloe's hair up and thought she looked just like Pebbles.  So I dug her Pebbles Halloween costume out of the closet and it still fit!  Isn't she precious?

More Pebbles

And this last one is a video of Brady.  One thing that has brought him a lot of joy even while being sick is driving around the grocery cart Chad bought them.  He loves it!  Please excuse the crazy camera angle I don't have time to fix it or film a different one so this video will have to do for now!  Here is Brady driving around his grocery cart.  We call it "Supermarket Sweep":

Hope everyone has been doing great and hopefully I will have more time soon to update the blog again!

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