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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friday Fun: Downtown Aquarium Trip!

Since Chad works downtown and the aquarium in our city is in downtown, I thought it would be nice to meet him at his office with the kids one afternoon and go to the aquarium.  We went once before when the kids were about 4 months old, but we haven't been back since then.  We were interested to see how they would like it now that they can walk and experience more.  Our friends the Dermody family also met us at the aquarium and we all ate dinner together at the aquarium's restaurant once we were finished sightseeing.  I believe we all had a great time!

They were very excited to see all of the fish, but I believe Brady's favorite part of the aquarium was getting to see the white tiger exhibit.  One of the white tigers was hungry and kept pacing directly in front of the glass by the kids and every time he came by they would squeal with delight!  Good thing for the thick glass between the tiger and the kids, because I believe Brady would have tried to go right up to him and give him a hug!  Brady loves dogs, and I think he thought the tiger was a giant dog.  

We finished up our visit with a trip to the gift store, where all the kids picked out a stuffed animal to bring home with them.  Brady and Chloe both picked out white tigers (no surprise there!) and their friend Sam picked a shark and Abby picked a frog.  Brady did not put his tiger down the rest of the night except to eat dinner.  

Once dinner was over we said goodbye to the Dermodys and took the kids over to the Carousel for a ride.  I believe both kids enjoyed it a lot, unfortunately we didn't get any pictures this time since we both had our hands busy with the kids on the Carousel.  

I have pictures and one video of Brady with the tiger.  Please excuse the grainy/fuzzy photos.  These were all taken with my phone and of course the lighting was not ideal.  I need to get my DSLR charged back up and start using it again.  The phone is just so convenient!  

Chloe and Sam

Chloe and Brady

Chloe and Abby
Brady is not sure about this...

My underwater explorer! 
Ha ha!
Tigers and toddlers have something in common...they won't stay still long enough for me to get a non-blurry photo!
Brady was in L.O.V.E.
Brady wants the tiger and the tiger wants him...
Chloe holding one of the stuffed animal tigers we brought home
And finally, here is the video of Brady watching the tiger pace back and forth...

We all had a fun Friday afternoon at the aquarium!  Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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