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Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fun: Random Pics from our Week

We let the kids face forward in their carseats for the first time, Chloe was a fan!

One afternoon the kids enjoyed playing in their pool in the backyard

The babies eating their breakfast at their new big kid's table

Blueberry applesauce, not the wisest choice for letting the kids try to feed themselves

Drinking milk out of a (clean) applesauce cup, perfect size for little hands 

A typical early morning, Brady, Elmo, and me hanging out while waiting for Chloe to wake up

Brady has learned how to climb on the couch, he is thrilled---but I am having daily heart attacks

Chloe playing at Story Time this week at the library

Caught this buddy in a rare moment, being still

I hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day weekend getting to spend some quality time celebrating all the special Dads in your lives!

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