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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mother and Son Time: Brady's Second Haircut

Before we went on our trip, I mentioned in a post that Brady's hair was getting long and scraggly again.  I've been meaning to take him to get it cut since we've been home, but I just got around to it this weekend.

We went on Sunday afternoon, which turned out to be a great time to go since it was just us in the salon.  I took Brady by myself and Chad took Chloe shopping at a sporting goods store (I'm sure she loved that!).  We tend to do almost everything together as a family---either out of necessity, convenience, or just because we all like each other.   As the kids get older I think it will be fun to take them out with just one child and one parent for some individual parent-child bonding time.  My hope is this little excursion was the first of many.

We went to one of those kid haircut places this time.  The play area, the chair shaped like a car, and the fact that he could watch Disney's Cars on a t.v. right in front of him helped to distract him and he was very patient and calm the whole time.  I was pleasantly surprised and very proud of my big boy!  The stylist who cut his hair was very good with him and did a great job.  The only down side is it was expensive for a kid's haircut!

Here are some pictures of Brady's second haircut experience:

The salon had a neat play/waiting area with legos and trains
Being a good boy!
Isn't the little Taxi chair cute!
On the left is Before, on the right is After
What a handsome buddy!
All done!

I enjoyed my little bit of time with just my boy, and Chad said he and Chloe did have a lot of fun shopping too!

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