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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2012 Trip Home Part 2: Virginia

We left Gibsonville Memorial Day evening and traveled to Virginia to Meepie and Pap's house.  Chloe fussed once and I had to climb in the back and hold her hand for a few minutes, but she fell back asleep and other than that one time the babies slept the whole way there.

We had so much fun at Meepie and Pap's house during our visit!  Some of the highlights of our Virginia stay included:
  • The babies' first golf cart rides
  • Going to visit Mamaw (the babies' Great Grandmother)
  • Going out to lunch at my favorite restaurant in Virginia (Romano's) and going to visit Meepie's coworkers at the bank where she works
  • Chad got to play a lot of basketball in the driveway with his nephew Jaden
  • We grilled out steaks one night and had a family dinner with Chad's brother Chris outside on the picnic table
  • The babies learned the words "Car" and "Truck" by watching the vehicles go by from the front porch
  • They also learned a Cow says "Moo" and a Horse says "Neigh" by visiting the cow and the horse in the pasture across the street
  • We had a campfire outside one evening and roasted Smores
  • Chad's friend Beverly from high school brought her son Isaiah over to play and the kids had a blast chasing each other around the front yard
  • Chad's nephew Jaden stayed with us during the visit and the babies LOVE him and they had the best time playing with him.  
  • Visiting with many other friends and family
Now for some pictures.  I took A LOT of pictures in Virginia, so I've tried to organize them into several collages to minimize the amount of scrolling.  It was hard to stop myself from taking pictures because the place where Chad grew up is so beautiful in the summertime.  It amazes me how lush and green everything is.  Some pictures are just of the landscape surrounding Meepie and Pap's house, and other pictures are actually of people/activities, etc.  So here we go:

Pictures I took with my phone while riding on the back of the golf cart...

So pretty!  

Pap and the Babies in the golf cart

Hanging out on the Front Porch

Running around the Front Yard

Meepie and the Babies

Jaden and the Babies

Trucks, Balls, and Cows:  The Babies' favorite things

Mamaw, Chad, and the Great Grandkids

Meepie, Pap, and all their Grandkids

Our Smores Roast, So Fun!

We had an amazing time in Virginia during our visit and we were so lucky to get to spend time with our family and friends.  Stay tuned for my next post on Part 3 of our trip when we travel to Raleigh, NC to Nana and Doodah's house!

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