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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Traveling Circus: Blog Break

Hello all!  Just wanted to let you know I'll be taking a break from blogging for a little bit over a week while our family goes on vacation.  Check back here at the Ringley Family Circus in early June and I should have some new posts detailing our travel adventures!  I will leave you with a few fun pictures and videos from the last couple of days:

We got the kids a new and bigger pool for the backyard.  They were so excited after Chad blew it up they climbed in it and played for a good half hour before we even had a chance to put it outside or fill it up with water!

Once we finally were able to get it outside and put actual water in it, they had a great time playing in the water.  Poor babies played until their lips were blue and we had to wrap them in towels and change them into their jammies!

Today we went to Story Time at the library again.  We had another fun time, I am so thankful for this free activity for the kids!

"I've got my book Mom, I'm ready!"

Hmm...not too sure about this...

Chloe found a duck

And so did Brady!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone and we'll see you in June!

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