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Friday, May 4, 2012

Off to the Races!

If you saw Wednesday's post then I am sure you know that Brady has started walking!  He took his first independent walking steps in the playroom on Monday afternoon April 30th, 2012.  With both babies we were very lucky they decided to start walking in the afternoon when Chad was home from work to witness it!

Here are our big boy's first steps:

The funny thing is that after those initial steps, he hasn't stopped walking.  With Chloe, walking was a more gradual process.  After the first time, she would walk off and on and gradually increase the frequency and complexity of her walking skills.  So the day after this video I assumed it would be the same way with Brady, but I was wrong!  He has been walking his little legs off ever since Monday afternoon.  He is very steady and I would say even though Chloe has three weeks of experience over him, they are walking at about the same speed and with the same dexterity.  

We are so proud and excited that we now have two walkers on our hands!  We can't wait to go to our Birdies class at The Little Gym tomorrow morning for the first time with both of our children as walkers! 

Brady, we are so happy for you and proud of you!


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