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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Recap and Tuesday Hodgepodge

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend and that you all got to spend some quality time with the Moms in your lives.  I had a great Mother's Day and spent it with my sweet husband and babies. I was spoiled with beautiful flowers, a new bedding set for our bed, and Chad took me out on a date Friday night to an awesome Italian restaurant and to see The Five Year Engagement.  Saturday I got to take some time out for myself to go get my hair done, and Sunday I even got to enjoy some shopping time!  It was a fun weekend and I felt very loved.

We also spent some time Skyping with our Moms who we couldn't actually be with in person, but we were glad we got to see them over the computer.  In a couple of weeks we will actually be taking a trip home to attend my cousin Hannah's wedding and to visit our families, so we are looking forward to getting to see many of our family members in person soon!

I didn't take many pictures over the weekend since we were busy most of the time, but I did snap a few.

First here are my beautiful flowers from Chad and the babies:

Next, here is Ms. Chloe hanging from the bars at The Little Gym during Birdies class on Saturday:

The other parents can't believe she can do this.  She can hang on the bars longer than many of the kids in her class who are bigger and older than she is!  She loves it!

Now here is a picture I took on Friday of Mr. Brady sitting in the glider in the playroom.  That might not seem so remarkable, except that I didn't put him there.  He crawled up there and sat in it himself.  Unfortunately for me, he has mastered this skill and is apparently a climber.  He can climb onto the glider, the couch, and he also enjoys climbing under the coffee table.

Just look at how proud he is of himself!   He is into everything these days!  He is now walking at light speed, so that doesn't help!  Here is a little video of him from yesterday:

Chloe of course is also keeping me on my toes.  It is amazing to me some of the things they come up with to do.  Here she is last night sitting in a decorative bowl I keep on the coffee table.  It usually holds three decorative balls, but I think it looks even better with this little girl sitting in it!

Speaking of decorations, I mentioned our sitting area a couple of posts ago, and the long wait we've had in order to get the furniture in.  Today the missing and final piece was delivered, the chair!  Yay!

Well this post turned out to be quite the hodgepodge!  I guess I had a lot to catch up on!  I hope everyone has a great day!


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  1. pretty monkies!! if they let us, i want to come to a saturday class with you!!



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