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Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Story Time at the Library!

Today I took the babies to their first Story Time at the library.  As they are getting older, I think it is important to start doing some more structured learning and social activities.  We already go to The Little Gym once a week on Saturdays, but I'd like to start doing some other things with the kids during the weekdays.  So I found this Story Time at the library and decided to give it a try.  It is one thing to go to a class when you have two parents and two babies, but it was a whole different experience getting them ready and taking them to class by myself today!

We got there only a minute or two late but we were surprised to find a class full of babies!  I don't know how many were actually there but it felt like 30 or 35 at least!  Each child had a mat to sit on, and two books laid out to read.  During class we sang a lot of kid songs (I didn't know the words to a lot of them, shame on me!), read the two books, and at the end of class they had free play time with a bunch of toys in the middle of the room as well as bubbles and balls to play with.  The babies were very familiar with the bubbles and balls part since that is a regular part of their classes at The Little Gym.   They also loved playing with the toys.  New toys they've never seen before are a big plus!

The babies seemed to really enjoy themselves, I was very proud of both of them.  Brady in particular seemed comfortable walking around and looking at all the new toys all by himself.  He found a truck and happily played with it on his own.  Chloe of course was all over the place and enjoyed playing with the balls and making new friends.  Here are some pictures from Story Time:

Getting ready to read a story:

It was a big room!

Brady found a truck and a new friend:

Chloe having a ball as always:

It was a fun experience and I believe we will go back again soon!  Happy Thursday to all, we're almost to the weekend!


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