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Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Friday Photos

Happy Friday everyone!  We are getting adjusted back to "normal" life after our almost week long birthday celebrations.  Boy do I miss having a lot of people around to entertain the babies!  I know the babies miss everyone too. Today I just thought I would share a few random photos we've collected this past week.

Here is Brady in his dinosaur jammies.  They are just too cute, I can't stand it!  He loves to look under his high chair and play like he is "fixing it".

Chloe in the bath.  I just loved her little face.

The rest of these were taken yesterday.  Yesterday was New Shoes Day.  I bought the babies their first "practical" or everyday shoes.  They have had other shoes for special occasions, like Christmas and their Birthday, but these are shoes I hope they will wear when they start walking.  They are Pediped Grip 'N Go shoes and I love them.  Poor Brady gets the normal looking brown ones and of course Chloe's are glittery pink ones.  We tried them on yesterday and they were playing in the kitchen with them on so they can get used to them.

"Why yes I do have pink glitter shoes."

Brady gets brown regular shoes.  I still think they are quite handsome looking.

Having a conference in the kitchen about the new shoe situation.

Time to play and get into things we shouldn't!

Have a great day everyone!


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