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Friday, February 17, 2012

Great Day at the Zoo with Meepie and Pap!

Chad took a couple days off of work to spend some extra time with the babies and all of the Grandparents that are in town visiting for their birthday.  We checked the weather and planned to go to the zoo yesterday since it was going to be the driest and warmest/mildest day.  It was overcast and about 70 degrees, so a great temperature for going to the zoo!  Since it was the middle of a weekday we practically had the zoo to ourselves.  The animals were very active and a lot more visible than the last time we visited.

We had a lot of fun with Meepie and Pap at the zoo!  The babies fed the giraffes lettuce again, and this time I brought the camera and got some up close pictures!  They also took their very first Carousel ride.  The operator of the Carousel was a very nice man named Henry, and he loved Chloe's smile and said it made his day.  While we were waiting in line for the next ride, we were talking to Henry and mentioned the babies were turning 1 on Saturday.  When the Carousel started, Henry announced over the microphone that the twins Brady and Chloe were having their First birthday on Saturday, and sang "Happy Birthday" to them, it was so nice!

I want to share a few of our pictures with you!

Our first stop was the Sea Lions.  They came up to the surface to drink from this little stream of water!

Here are the babies with Meepie and Pap at the Sea Lion exhibit.

Meepie, Pappy, and the babies looking at the elephants.

The elephants were out and about yesterday, and the little ones were having fun chasing each other around.

I love these two pictures of Chad and Chloe in front of the Lion exhibit.  I couldn't pick my favorite!

Chloe and Pap!

Chloe was a little bit of a Diva yesterday and did not want to stay in her stroller, so Daddy had to carry her.

The lion woke up in time for a picture!

We had a little family photo mishap with the male lion here...yikes!

Here are Brady and Chloe on their first Carousel ride, Brady thought it was OK, Chloe loved it!

Here is Mykos, the giraffe we got to feed up close!

You can see everybody in this picture except Brady, who is behind Chloe.  Check out Mykos with his lettuce!

Mykos has his mouth open and looks like he might be eyeing Pap.  Watch out!

We ended our trip with a stop to see the beautiful flamingos.

It was a really fun trip to the zoo, the weather was great, and the zoo was practically empty!  I think a great time was had by all!


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