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Friday, February 3, 2012

It's February!

I know it has been February for a few days now, but...holy cow it is February!

February will always be a special month in our family since it is the month that Chloe and Brady were born!  In about two weeks we will be celebrating their First Birthday!  I am mostly ready.  I am anxiously awaiting Chloe's birthday outfit to be completed and mailed off.  We have all the decorations, we ordered tables, chairs, a small tent, and a super small ball pit/bouncy for toddlers.  I haven't ordered the cakes yet since the grocery store said they only needed "a day's notice".  I am too much of a planner to do that, so I will most likely order the cakes at least 3 or 4 days in advance.  Enough time to prepare, but hopefully not enough time for them to forget about it and/or mess them up.

We have three sets of Grandparents and Aunt Gigi coming to town for the big birthday celebration.  Nana and Doodah (My Stepmom and Dad) will be the first to arrive.  They have actually rented a house in our city for the month of February and are driving here with their two dogs Wooby and Tux to spend the month with us.  They should be here on Sunday!  We are really excited they are going to get to spend some time with the babies.   Chad and my Dad plan to play some golf, and we have several other fun outings planned while they are here.  Meepie and Pap (Chad's parents) are flying in the week of their birthday I think (and plan to spend the week with us).  I believe Aunt Gigi (my Dad's Sister) will also be here the week of the babies' birthday (staying at the rental house with my Dad and Trish).  Grandma and Grandpa (my Mom and Daddy D) are going to be here for the babies' birthday weekend and are actually staying at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast about a minute or two from our house.

February will be a month filled with family time and a lot of celebration.  We are thrilled that we have so many people who love our babies and want to celebrate their birthday with us.  We are also very excited that many of our friends that live in the area plan to come to the party and help us celebrate.

What a difference a year makes!  Last year during the first part of February I was in a lot of pain, having contractions daily, and not able to walk or do hardly anything without assistance since I was in the last few weeks of twin pregnancy.  I was very lucky then to have my mother here with us those last three weeks.  She took care of me and was such a support to both me and Chad.  In the end it was all worth it once I held my two precious babies.  Now they are growing up so much I can't believe it!

I will leave you with Miss Chloe giving you all a Happy Friday High Five!


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  1. Seriously cannot believe your sweet babies are almost a year old!! The past year has flown, and I'm sure you will have a great time at their party! Can't wait to see the pics.


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