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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Few of Our Favorite Things

The babies were so blessed to receive so many amazing gifts for their Birthday from a lot of our friends and family.  Since they have so many toys already, we told everyone it was not necessary to get the babies a birthday gift, but if they felt they wanted to get them something, we would love some new books to read.  Boy were the babies showered with books!  I think they won't need another book until their next birthday! We have enjoyed reading a new book every night since their birthday!  The babies are loving all the new stories, and so are we!

There were a few non-book gifts I wanted to showcase on the blog.  We are thankful for all the presents the babies received, so thank you to everyone!  Thank you cards will be coming soon!  :-)

Meepie and Pap (Kathy and Ronnie) gave the babies these beautiful rockers:

We keep them upstairs in their nursery.  The babies are going to have so much fun with these!

I already posted some pictures of the rockers Grandpa Don handmade, but with the babies sitting in them you couldn't see some of the details.  Chloe's rocker has the Disney princesses on it and Brady's has the monsters from Monster's Inc.  We just love them!

This next gift was a present from me and Chad to the babies.  We decided to do one big present for the both of them instead of a bunch of little things.  We bought the babies a Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home.  It is a wonderful toy with so many objects to engage the babies and it teaches so many different things.  Here is a picture of Chloe playing after her birthday party (she was enjoying a major sugar high).

The next present is from Chad's coworker Monica, who is a big Texans fan.  She got the babies a Toro the bull (Texans mascot) pillow pal!  The babies love it and have had the best time cuddling and tackling it!  After seeing how much fun they were having with Toro, Chad had to buy them an OU Sooners pillow pal too!  I am not sure if the OU mascot pillow pal is supposed to be Boomer or Sooner.

Aren't they too cute?!?

Well that is all for tonight.  Have a great day tomorrow everyone!


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